True Mistakes – A Closer Look At Mistakes and Expectations

A dear friend of mine Joe Atalig posted a question on Facebook today that got me thinking, so I thought I would share my thoughts in a quick note.

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This post really got me thinking back to when I wrote my book Logicrats: A New Paradigm and the power of ‘choice’ in our lives.

I think the key word is mistake.

Usually when we refer to a mistake, we feel as if there was an action we took (or didn’t take) that caused the unfavorable outcome.

But whether the outcome was favorable or not, both of them were dependent on decisions (choices).

We (humans) are funny, we are not very intuit when it comes to truly knowing what decisions and where they tipped the scale against the favor of our expectations.

Choices and the true ‘sonder’ of our choices is, I believe, very intricate.

Often times, I’ve had clients recite to me the saying

‘I need to learn how to let go of the things that are not in my control’

The sequential question begging to be asked is,

‘And do you know what is in your control?’

We often focus on the height of our potential; how far we may be able to go. But often we ignore the ‘breadth’ of our potential.

The impact on our surroundings that we may have that we are unaware of.

I think this is a great foundation to do some good work in.

I think this is one reason there is tremendous power in ‘saying things out loud‘ what we hope to achieve and accomplish.

It serves as a very real feedback loop within our environment to know if we are on the right track.

Mistakes are less frequent in life than failed expectations.  Learning to recognize the difference will change your life. – Ramneek Mathur

The good news is, we have the power to write a better story.

Thanks Joe, for the reminder.


On a side note, Joe is a huge advocate and doing a lot of heavy lifting in the personal development space.

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