Have you ever come across this? 

You're speaking to all types of people and having all types of conversations but when you unplug for a moment - you feel isolated?

10 Lessons From 2020

This year was pivotal for me in many ways. I'm sure it was the same for many of you. Even though there were many more, here are 10 things that I hold close as we head into 2021. Happy New Year.

Your Invitation Is Enclosed

If we zoom out, we may come to see the fact that we - human beings - live in a vast ecosystem far greater than ourselves. Earth. If we zoom out further, we may come to see the fact that Earth, a life force in and of itself, lives within a vast ecosystem greater than... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Zen

It is an evolutionary advantage to worry. 

It is an evolutionary advantage to worry. 

Because when we worry, our body physiologically becomes in a state of survival - which in turn heightens our awareness and likelihood of survival.

But here's another truth:

The Uncharted – Ideas Around Success

Recently in my life, the notion of success has come up over and over again.

Quite a bit.

There is an axiom within our cultural lexicon that time and time again brings us back to the notion that success seemingly pushes us  away from "ourselves".

That it forces you to become many things; anything but your true self.

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