Buckets – Things To Think About In A Down Market

There's not much to sugarcoat right now.

We are in the midst of a pandemic unlike anything we've ever experienced in recent memory.

People are losing their jobs.

People are losing their businesses.

And the worst of it is, people are losing their lives.

But there are two dynamics of every crisis we should all be aware of.

One that relates to the safety of our society and loved ones; the actual dangers and precautions to be mindful of in a crisis.

And one that relates to the 'over-reaction' or better put mis-reaction we can take in the midst of the fear and uncertainty of a very challenging situation.

This note is about addressing what to do in the midst of the latter.

The Silver Bullet – Why One Size Does Not Fit All

As human beings, we have a deep rooted desire to be right.  To have the answer. 

And not only have the answer, have the answer quickly.

While there is some utility in being efficient, I feel we often times misappropriate too much value and correlation between speed and effectiveness.

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