‘You Need To Say This Out Loud’ – The Importance of Intent Based Living

If you take a moment to think about it, you may come to realize how much of our lives play out nowhere else – but in our minds.

How can we not expect that at some point or another, we may forget what we have shared with the outside world and what we have yet to articulate.

It’s not surprising that we find ourselves in an ever increasing state of mental fog, anxiety and insecurity.

But I feel there is an antidote to this exhausting cycle. And sometimes I have come to refer to it as ‘intent based living’.

Now, practicing ‘intent based living’ is not necessarily natural.  It compels you to verbalize your intentions with others.

It compels you to verbalize your frustrations, your goals and your hopes to whomever you are speaking with.

The more you do this.  The easier it becomes.

And soon you will come to realize how this habit begins to foster a humility that counters the sense of ‘vulnerability’ you experience in the beginning.

Another great piece of utility this mentality brings to you has to do with human nature.

If you start to verbalize your intent, the people who are willing to help you and support you will come closer (stay) and the people who are unwilling to help or unable to, will do the opposite.

If this begins to occur in your life – don’t be discourage, hurt or angry.

You’re simply beginning to reveal to yourself an aspect of a reality you were already a part of.

Another thing you will begin to see happen has to do with the feedback you receive once you start becoming more vocal with your intent.

People will criticize, some will support and some will ask you questions around your intent – perhaps – you hadn’t thought of.  This is exactly what you want.

You want your ideas to be challenged, it is the only way you will be able take tangible steps towards your vision.  Otherwise you will find yourself spinning your wheels in the same train of thought for weeks, months and even years.

This concept somewhat ties into a blog piece I wrote for the Logicrats project many months ago titled Failing Successfully: A Short Guide On How To Fail

Ignorance is bliss” – The Ignorant

The good news is, our vulnerabilities can often be reframed as strengths.  The bad news is, we tend to discover this far too late in life

🎁Our only true vulnerability in life is time – use it with intent. Ramneek M.

🌍I promise you – you’ll change your world.🌍

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