The Gift of Negativity

In my work, I come across a whole host of personalities and characters.

Today has already been an interesting day to say the least but it brought to mind a small mantra I have come to hold close to my heart.

It is inevitable and I don’t think you can avoid it.  I’m sorry to say you WILL come across negative people.

But long ago, I began to make the conscious decision in my life to refuse to ‘become’ negative to negative people.

Even if at times outside observers felt that I should have acted in kind.

❓❓Which leads me to a question that I wish for you to think about.❓❓

If someone offers you a gift, and you refuse the gift – to whom does the gift belong to? 🎁 🤔

The answer is, the one who offered you the gift.

Likewise, if someone offers you negativity – refuse the gift.

“A gift without acceptance is simply an offer.” – Ramneek M.

And thus, the negativity does not belong to you, therefore you should not feel obligated to embrace in like kind.

The risk lies with those whom choose unconditional kindness, as it may go unnoticed.  Take the risk. – Ramneek M.

Truly try to embrace this principle in your life my friends, the ROI is unbelievable.

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