The Silver Bullet – Why One Size Does Not Fit All

Today, I was just approached by a potential real estate client that was referred to me and we had a very interesting conversation.

I know, deep down inside, I am building on something very powerful – and my conversation with this person was indicative of this reality.

One of the first things that stood out to me in our conversation was a remark they made:

“No one else I’ve spoken with has asked me these questions.”

As human beings, we have a deep rooted desire to be right.  To have the answer.

And not only have the answer, have the answer quickly.

While there is some utility in being efficient, I feel we often times misappropriate too much value and correlation between speed and effectiveness.

There is a tremendous pressure in all walks of my profession to ‘have an answer and quickly – or you’ll lose the business’.

 I’ve been in the real estate, investment management and life coaching businesses for 14 years…and believe me, ‘it depends’ is not the sexy answer.

It’s damn near kryptonite for any ‘sales script’ out there.

But it should be the sexy answer.💃💃

It’s a fast paced world and everyone is needing to get things done. I get it.  🌎🌍🌏

I empathize with that but let me ask you a question.

Have you ever noticed how every motivation quote you read or piece of advice you come across around finance or personal development seems to be true?🧐🧐

Let me push on that a little…

They are not true.  They are true, SOME of the time

People often want a quick, “ready-set-go” answer to their problems or challenges.

But the honest truth is – there isn’t one.

I have found this piece of advise to hold true in every aspect of my work and it is something I try to emphasize often with all of my clients in real estate, investments and personal development.

“It depends” – Ramneek M

“It depends” is the best and most honest place to start.

It shows us that we are open to different perspectives and interpretations of the topic at hand; the challenges in front of us.

It suppresses an underlying sense of ‘confirmation bias’ we are all susceptible to. 

That quick answer we all want to give.  That quick answer we all want to receive.  

The ‘silver bullet‘.

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