“I’m Fine” – Why You’re Not Just Fine

When someone asks us how we are, it is easy and thus perhaps tempting to simply reply,

“I’m Fine”

The same way we may try to classify our jobs or a person – down to a single word or emotion.

Almost as if there is an award for being verbally and socially economical.

I’m guilty of the same tendency.  Why must I categorize a lifetime of experiences and expectations into just a select few words or emotions?

Life is never one thing. Experiences are never, just, one thing.

I can almost guarantee that in any given day, you’re experiencing everything from mundane to ridiculous; which begs the question…

Why are we always focusing on the fine?

If we are only focusing on what is fine, then we are neglecting the moments that were defeating, thrilling, miraculous or even blessings.

We often get what we pay attention to and although intention is the secret antidote to anxiety, we are not doing ourselves any better by only tuning into the fine.

So O.K.


Now I know you’re fine, but tell me more.

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