Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Potential Side Effects: Social Clarity

This morning, I was a guest on a local podcast.

I was brought on to speak about the [potential] local and global financial impact that is on the horizon with the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that is upon us.

Through the entire conversation, there was a very obvious push and pull we all felt in the room.

Here we were, discussing a very alarming health threat that has swept the world and as citizens of this world, we are compelled to speak and wonder…

What in the world will this do to our economy?

Good or bad, in a capitalist society, odds are the first headline will be about how the stock market is plunging then, everything else.

Overwhelming injury and social sacrifice is meaningful but Tesla(TSLA) falling below $700 is profound?

What have we come to, I think some times.

The financial implications are fascinating and there are many different aspects of our economy that will surely be a tremendous “opportunity” for the investor.

But there is a human element to this crisis that is grossly understated and overlooked in the midst of it all.

Real families are being effected.

Real lives are being lost. 

Real children are [exceptionally] vulnerable to this outbreak.

And the heart-wrenching fear on many of our minds is;


How will I get to work if the daycare or school district closes down?


I can’t call in sick, I’ll lose my job.


What type of society have we created for ourselves in which we are worried about losing our jobs over falling ill or taking care of our loved ones?

What are we working for? Is this how it should be for the wealthiest and most powerful nation the world has ever seen?

This virus is not only reminding us to wash our hands…

It’s putting up a mirror for us to really get a good look at ourselves…

And in that reflection,

I can’t help but notice some blind-spots.

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