Shut Up

A week and a half ago, I found myself battling a formidable cold.

I won, but it took the better part of a week to prevail.

But here I am today, well passed the cold – without a voice.

Last night, I felt it happening and this morning – it has become a challenge to speak.

I sound like I’m 80 years old, possibly a woman, holding back a cry.

I can’t wait until the 80 year old woman aspect of my voice subsides and I’m left in my  natural state – (humor, it’s OK to laugh).

But not being able to speak, or only being able to speak with tremendous limitation, forced me to do something I don’t think we often do.

I have had to be very calculative and methodical about what I say, when I say it and for how long.

It has forced me to be more concise in my speech.  More deliberate with my delivery and more patient with my response.

It makes you wonder, are you speaking because you have something to say?

Or are you speaking because you have to say something?

One yields impact, the other impacts your yield.

Losing my voice (temporarily) has brought a new hue of gratitude to my sight.

And now, a moment of silence. 

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