Moving From Homesmart to EXP Realty

Growth and change are often attached to the potential of who we may one day become.

Certificate showing Diamond Award Recipient Ramneek Mathur RealtorAard
Recipient of Diamond Award 2020 Ramneek Mathur
Recipient of Diamond Award 2020 Ramneek Mathur

Don’t get me wrong, 2020 was not only a humbling year but a successful one by any measure. Receiving a “Diamond Award” with Homesmart simply showcases the amount of impact I was able to have in serving my clients, family and friends.

But sometimes, we must seek to not only understand when to change the direction of our path but when/whom may have the ability to help us change the speed of our trajectory.

Time is one of our greatest, fleeting resources.

And I feel moving my work and team, Key Seekers International Group from Homesmart to EXP Realty was in the best interest of not only my past, existing and future clients – BUT the agents and professionals that partner and vouch for me every day.

I’m excited and happy to announce that my team and I have officially moved to EXP Realty and cannot wait to continue to serve our friends, family and clients in one of the larger financial decisions in their lives.

More importantly, I feel this move will enable our team to be better mentors and coaches to other agents in the industry and help them increase their OWN business.

Change is often nothing more than an unexpected opportunity.

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