The Curse of Empathy – When Givers Ask for Help

What would the world look like on the day the givers asked for help?

In the face of the unavoidable struggle life presents all of us, there is an imperceptible predisposition in the makings of the actual path on which the empath follows.

A trap of sorts.

One in which like clockwork, unknowing to themselves, [empaths] build a life in which they are surrounded by exactly all of the people that have little to no chance in ever having the ability to help them.

Dare I say, the empath at some subconscious level is aware of it…

Be that as it may – it’s a reality many may find themselves in with just one simple honest look around.

The conundrum of this predicament, of course, is that IF an empath through a new sense of self-awareness found this to be a truer sense of their reality – they would also have to concede that at any point, asking for any type of help would make them feel like they’re “stepping over the line”.

To be demanding on others, for an empath, is vicarious poison.

It’s an instance where empathy can be witnessed attacking itself.

But in this precise struggle, there is a very powerful piece of insight I hope to impress upon anyone reading this that finds themselves in the midst of such irony.

Being ‘too demanding, or not too demanding at all‘ sources from who you are asking...not from who is asking



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