The Uncertain Path – Why Your Certainty Is Hurting You

I have been in the midst of many changes – particularly in my real estate work and it has had me reflecting on change and our relationship with this idea.

The axiom seems to be as old as time which says,

“The only constant in life is change”.

I’ve had some deep conversations with different walks of life around “change” these passed few weeks – it has been an insightful process.

Not always, but often times, when we think of change – we almost immediately also feel the presence of something else.


A force that has the power to cripple our greatest intentions and ambitions.

And over the passed few months – it has never been more clear to me how counter-intuitive this knee-jerk reaction is to the idea of uncertainty.

In the face of certainty we, paradoxically feel we have the license to act when in fact, it is in the face of uncertainty – we are the most free.

When we know the exact outcome on the other side and every step we must take in its entirety to achieve that outcome – I ask you a very simple question:

How is this free?

Isn’t this the very definition of “constraint”?

I feel uncertainty is underrated.

It is in fact, our license to be free.

Free to explore.

Free to improve.

Free to learn.

Free to reinvent who we are.

Free to reimagine who we may become.

Uncertainty isn’t a dark room, it’s a doorway to possibility.

Walk through it.

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