Take Off The Cell Phone Case – Achieving Equanimity

10 years ago, a series of events compelled me to look inward.  I was met with some of the greatest challenges I have ever come to face and reckon with; and I’m better for it.

In this process, I began to develop a keen sense of patience in my day to day; a calmness I hold to this day.

This is different than moving slow.

I have confidence to claim, that if you were to consult with any of my peers or clients – they would hopefully account my noticeable effort in being responsive in what I do.

But over the last decade, I became aware of a very distinct principle in productivity.

It matters not when you began but if you finished on time.

And as soon as you understand this principle, you begin to work backwards. Which ironically is the real forward.

You don’t simply – start, start, start.  

You prioritize things that are more pressing and needing of your attention in the NOW as opposed to next Thursday.

You begin to notice that worrying is the largest voluntary negative ROI.  

You begin to catch yourself when worrying and stop. 

You begin to save yourself from unnecessary emotional labor.

Often times, in my life coaching practice, my clients will ask me how they can begin to develop this ‘calmness’.  So I often give them a very simple exercise.

Take off your cell phone case and don’t put it on for a week.

In your hurry you may drop your phone and crack the screen.

And yes, it will cost you hundreds of dollars.

But let it be noted, pulling your phone out of your pocket with that extra second of care would have cost you nothing towards your ‘productivity’ but would have kept hundreds of dollars on your bottom line.

More Haste = Less Speed

So slow down and stop wasting your time.

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