The Waltz of Success and the Power of No

“No” is a devastating word when you are pursuing your vision.  

I am fascinated by how perspective remains to be, paradoxically, our greatest strength whilst being our greatest weakness.

All of these and many more, famous authors and creators faced countless ‘no’s in their lifetime.

We often dread rejection, we dread the word ‘no’ when in pursuit of creating a reality we have envisioned but let me ask you a question.

  • What if I told you, you were 18 no’s away from becoming that multi-million dollar company you’ve been working to build?
  • What if I told you, you were 26 no’s away from being a best-selling author?
  • What if I told you, you were 3 no’s away from…..

How motivating and excited would you be every morning if you knew?  All of the sudden, you would be going from a mental state of dreading to wake up in the morning to plotting how you could possibly achieve 2 no’s in one day instead of 1.

In life, a no is a yes to a different question.

The art and pursuit of creating a life on your terms is knowing what questions to ask.

The waltz of success is riddled with rejection and affirmation. – RM

Just start dancing.

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