I Give Up Every Day

I never understood why people try so hard to not give up.

I feel it has always been a waste of energy focusing on performing an action that in and of itself has no bearing on your chance of success.

Not giving up on the wrong things will lead you to fail.

Giving up on the right things will lead you to fail.

I think this sentiment of not giving up is so prevalent because in the ethos – we have come to convince ourselves that we are in a race.

In an actual race, it makes sense not to give up – it’s the quickest method to the finish line.

But let me ask you – if we’ve convinced ourselves life is a race then what is the analogous finish line?…[Death]

Given this – I ask you now.  What is the rush?

Why and how have we convinced ourselves that life is a race?

Why are we subconsciously telling our bodies to die as quick as possible?

Isn’t that what we are doing by insisting we are in a race?

Our bodies are complex and intelligent systems.  It does what we tell it to do.

Stress, tension, anxiety, depression, madness – call it by whichever name you wish – what it means is, your intelligence has turned against you. – Sadhguru

So the best advice I can give you at this point is to tell you to give up.

Like me.

I give up every day, every morning in fact.

Just to make sure I’ve not inadvertently enrolled into a race I don’t want any part in.

If you do this long enough, and often enough – soon, you’ll stop feeling the push you are so used to feeling.

If you do this long enough, and often enough – soon, you’ll start feeling a pull you’re not used to feeling.

That pull – is your calling.  Whatever it whispers – do that.

And when you start doing that, it may feel foreign at first.

It may feel impractical. People may begin to discourage you from wasting your time.

You may feel like you’re the only one that feels this way or wants to pursue this.

You’re not.

When you reach this point, find me.

Message me.

And together – we will find the others.



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