The Uncharted – Ideas Around Success

Recently in my life, the notion of success has come up over and over again.

Quite a bit.

There is an axiom within our cultural lexicon that time and time again brings us back to the notion that success seemingly pushes us  away from “ourselves”.

That it forces you to become many things; anything but your true self.

As Labrinth once poetically put, “success takes you where your character cannot sustain you”.

I suppose, from my vantage point, it would be an easy way out to hold the position that success is subjective.

Be that as it may, the devil’s advocate forever occupies my mind.

Be it that success takes you where your character cannot sustain you.

I wonder then, who are we, when our character is stripped away?

Must it only connote a bad thing?  Could it not be a good thing?

Imagine if your destined level of character was less than desirable; wouldn’t success act as a saving grace?

Or if I was to take a less contrarian position, I would ask this;

What have we to depend, in the absence of our character?

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