And Then There Were Two – Optimism and Positivity

I am not a positive person, never have been.

But I have always been an optimist, because I have always thought – the alternatives are simply uninteresting.

Ever so slight as it may be, optimism always gives you something to hope for around the campfire.

A platform to firm your stance and from which to rise from again.

Do you know what’s worse than rock bottom?

No Bottom.  Imagine falling forever – now that’s terrifying.

One way to tell the difference between an optimist and a positive person is the message.

The job of a positive person is to continuously deliver good news.

That doesn’t make them good at what they do.

It is almost too natural to associate and conflate the situation and the people involved in that situation.

Amidst this pandemic, I think we can see the space in between the message and the messengers involved.

The job of an optimist isn’t to make people feel happy, it’s to create the opportunity for constructive change.

I love my job. 

I’ll never be unemployed.

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