Good Company – Trapped In Quarantine

It seems, one of the greatest contributions to society we can make right now is to stay home.

Because of this new paradigm, we are finding ourselves with much more time on our hands than we are accustomed to.

But now more than ever, we may be finding ourselves deep in the trenches of negativity, dark thoughts and discouraging moments.

It is quite telling and interesting to think that solitary confinement, which is to say – alone within your own head, is considered a form of punishment EVEN inside of a prison.

Culturally, the prospect of being locked alone in a room, with no company but the company of your own mind, is a devastating one.

Why is that?

Well the simple answer is, because an untrained mind can be an extraordinary unpleasant place to be in.

If your own mind is such terrible company, rest assured it is less than desirable company for the ones around you.

There’s rarely a clear path from where we are to somewhere better.

But as Aristotle once proclaimed, “well begun is half done”.

So just begin. Begin Today.

Take the time we have ahead of us and begin within your own mind.

Realize that, perhaps, many of the challenges you often faced ‘out there were in fact in here‘.

Because we all deserve good company.

Your loved ones, especially.

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