That Last 1% – Why ‘Giving 110%’ Doesn’t Exist

I hear it a lot.  I bet you do too.

Especially in the sphere of entrepreneurship.

‘I’m going to give it 110%’

Long story short – language is powerful.

And I think we need to stop saying phrases like ‘110%’.

It devalues what we are capable of and it does us no favors mentally.

Here’s the truth.

You can only give 100%.  There is no such thing as something above 100%.


If you ‘gave it your all’ and then in retrospection, feel you could have given a little bit more – well, I’m sorry to say – you didn’t discover a number above 100%.

You discovered you only gave 99%.

I think we need to start valuing human potential and understand what exactly our potential is.

 “Human potential is not a destination but a trajectory.” – Ramneek M

If you ever look back at something you’ve done and feel you ‘could have done more’.

That may be true.

But what that is telling you is that you didn’t give 100%.

1% of you was thinking about something else.

And that 1% may have been the difference in the past, sure.

But that 1% – could very well be your future potential. 

Pay attention to it.


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