Your Invitation Is Enclosed

If we zoom out, we may come to see the fact that we – human beings – live in a vast ecosystem far greater than ourselves.


If we zoom out further, we may come to see the fact that Earth, a life force in and of itself, lives within a vast ecosystem greater than itself.


Through various macro-reactions leading to micro-reactions…

You were born. You exist.

You were a reaction the Universe was compelled to take.

For some reason, the Universe needed you.

If you were invited to a room full of people, and you didn’t know why you were invited – what would your first reaction be?


To do the best I can.

To Listen.

To try to understand what I can do based on my abilities.

I wouldn’t need to know why I was invited to do that.

And neither do you.

Imagine if we spent more time doing the best we can, instead of trying to find out why we were invited.

Stop questioning your invite, what’s the point?

There is no reason for you to ever feel as if you don’t belong.

You were given an invitation.

Now go help others discover they were invited too.

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