Finding Your Zen

It is an evolutionary advantage to worry.

Because when we worry, our body physiologically becomes in a state of survival – which in turn heightens our awareness and likelihood of survival.

But here’s another truth:

Worrying is a down payment on a problem you may never have.

I think there is a very fine distinction between worrying about something and being mindful of potential challenges that we may face ahead.

It’s predictable to find ourselves in a state of worry, I feel it’s innate in our evolution.

We have come quite far from the “immediate threats” our ancestors were dealing with 100’s and thousands of years ago.

But the mechanism of worry has yet to tone down to our new paradigm.

It is arguably true that our mind is at peak focus and thus at it’s highest likelihood of finding success in two states of mind: The state of

Survival or Happiness (Joy)

Like I mentioned earlier, it is an evolutionary advantage to worry.

But here’s the issue.

Most of the things we find challenging in our lives are not life or death.

They are simply challenges that are poised to bring into question the reality we hope to manifest and realize.

We have to consciously reframe what we see in front of us.

Because it isn’t a natural thing for our minds to do.

We need to stop interpreting the challenges ahead as a matter of life and death.

There is no escaping death.

But we do run the risk of escaping a good life. 

Choose love.

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