When Everyone Is A Realtor

I have been in the real estate business for 14 years now.  Currently, I am an associate broker at Homesmart International and my work is based in the Phoenix Metropolitan area in Arizona. On the top level, I am an advisor (Ramneek's LinkedIn).  A real estate broker is just one method from which I deliver value to my clients but over the years I began to see dynamics that are, often times, difficult for people in this business to overcome. One particular nuance to this business has much to do with the following statement:

The Pursuit of Happiness

It may very well be true that happiness is not our natural state.  With so many ideas, thoughts, circumstances and notions that have the ability to throw us off the course of happiness, perhaps our natural state is something else. 

The Possible

Our greatest challenges reside in our minds. We all have our stories of struggle and our stories of hope. But one thing should strike us clearer than it does and that is the fact that WE are the storytellers, not the struggle nor the hope.

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