The Silver Bullet – Why One Size Does Not Fit All

As human beings, we have a deep rooted desire to be right.  To have the answer.  And not only have the answer, have the answer quickly. While there is some utility in being efficient, I feel we often times misappropriate too much value and correlation between speed and effectiveness.

EP 4 – A Scottsdale Legacy – Justin Cavalliere – Owner of Greasewood Flat and Reata Pass

In this episode, your host Ramneek sits down with Justin Johnson.  The eldest brother of 3 that played a major role and ownership in the now late iconic restaurants and legacy destinations in Scottsdale, Arizona – Reata Pass and Greasewood Flat.  Ramneek and Justin sit down and talk about the history of Justin’s family, the iconic restaurants, the significance of family legacies and the importance and value of storytelling.

When Everyone Is A Realtor

I have been in the real estate business for 14 years now.  Currently, I am an associate broker at Homesmart International and my work is based in the Phoenix Metropolitan area in Arizona. On the top level, I am an advisor (Ramneek's LinkedIn).  A real estate broker is just one method from which I deliver value to my clients but over the years I began to see dynamics that are, often times, difficult for people in this business to overcome. One particular nuance to this business has much to do with the following statement:

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