I hesitate to say I have been “overwhelmed” lately.

There is a connotation in that phrasing that implies that I may be up against more than I can handle.

Which is not true.

But in the middle of all of the busy. 

In the middle of all the work that needs to be done.

I know one thing, we can lose connection.

Have you ever come across this?

You’re speaking to all types of people and having all types of conversations but when you unplug for a moment – you feel isolated?

If you’ve ever felt this way, I have a prescription for you.

Follow the steps below:

  • In the last 3 days, you’ve thought of someone.


  • Call them, right now.


  • Tell them, you randomly thought of them and that you wanted to see how they’ve been

    and what they are up to these days.


  • Now remain quiet as you both struggle with the silence over the phone.


  • Now watch the magic happen.

Invisible threads are the strongest ties. – Friedrich Nietzsche

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