Nothing Is A Waste of Time – Advice From One Entrepreneur To Another

Several months back I recorded this video on my Facebook page. It is a topic that came up in a different way today so I thought it would be helpful to share some ideas around finding yourself ‘wasting time’ on tangents when you should be ‘working’ on your craft.
When you start your ‘own thing’ – uncertainty becomes your permanent roommate.

➡️Fear of failure
All the thoughts start manifesting. It’s OK – it’s natural.
What you have to understand about success and mastering ‘your craft’ as an entrepreneur is this…..
⭐️⭐️‘NOTHING is a waste of time’.⭐️⭐️
The more you understand, the better you are. Sometimes we can fear ‘tangents’ but I have come to find that tangents are many times the foundation to what will differentiate you from someone else.
Dig into your curiosity…wander….learn….everything you experience is something your clients can benefit from WITHOUT giving up their time, money and piece of mind.
THAT is Value.

“Not knowing something is not a differentiator, understanding something IS.”  – Ramneek M

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