When Everyone Is A Realtor

I have been in the real estate business for 14 years now.  Currently, I am an associate broker at Homesmart International and my work is based in the Phoenix Metropolitan area in Arizona.

On the top level, I am an advisor (Ramneek’s LinkedIn).  A real estate broker is just one method from which I deliver value to my clients but over the years I began to see dynamics that are, often times, difficult for people in this business to overcome.

One particular nuance to this business has much to do with the following statement:

Everyone is a realtor.

Often this phrase is used with an additional word that fits between the ‘a’ and ‘realtor’ that starts with ‘f’ and ends with ‘ucking’ but that’s beside the point.

This is particularly true when the real estate market is on the up and up; which is certainly the case in the Arizona market right now.

You can build all the good will in the world but sometimes – it’s not enough when a potential client is approached by a close relation; now in the same business.

The traditional outlook for many real estate professionals in the field at this juncture is to leave it alone‘ and ‘not waste your time‘; but if my work in the service of others has taught me anything – it is this.

Always offer to help.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not perceive myself as a ‘real estate agent’ or ‘real estate broker’.  

And as my clients would tell you – neither do they.

I cannot begin to tell you how much freedom this has given me, on a mental level in this business.  As I mentioned earlier – I am first and foremost, an advisor.

And because of this, my approach to real estate has always differed – ever so slightly.

  • I have had many instances in which I have acted as a second opinion (for a fee for service) for clients that would have otherwise had me fully represent them.
  • I have also had many instances where I have acted as a mentor for the agent that is representing the client that would have used me otherwise (fee for service).

My goal, first and foremost is to add value.  And while many agents wouldn’t spend one ounce of energy assisting another agent – I invite the opportunity.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in this business knows how hard and difficult it is to take that first step into an entrepreneurial arena with such a remarkably low barrier to entry.

When all of your income, your entire livelihood is strictly dependent on your effectiveness to deliver value to the marketplace…it’s hard.

So why am I saying all this you may ask?

Well, I am sharing this dynamic in my real estate business to illustrate a very important value that translates to all types of work and is something that came to my mind this week.

Whether you are self-employed or not, this one thing is a very important lesson to learn.

There are two ways to help someone, the way they need it and the way you want to.  One may help you build a business but the other one will help you build a legacy. – RM

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