The Pursuit of Happiness

It may very well be true that happiness is not our natural state.

With so many ideas, thoughts, circumstances and notions that have the ability to throw us off the course of happiness, perhaps our natural state is something else.

It seems to me, all of this is telling of a very important dynamic of ‘happiness’ as we’ve come to understand it.

Happiness seems to be nothing more than a state of mind.

And if that is true, then there is no externality required to achieve it.

We must look inward.

If we are finding ourselves dependent on some externality to facilitate this state of mind [happiness] – then there is your insight and opportunity to level up.

You chose to attach your state of mind to something outside of your control.

But it is very well your choice not to.

Mind you, where we begin shall not determine where we choose to go.

Our ‘natural anything‘ is irrelevant if we choose to be better.

And as we progress and find ourselves able and willing to wield our state of mind to our own advantage – you may come across a new frontier of questions.  Perhaps more daunting than the ones you’ve been conditioned and accustomed to.

The first one being…

Now what do I do?

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