Health Is Not Wealth

I’m going to say something that may alarm you, but I rather you hear it from me than discover it – too late – on your own.

We live our lives perceiving that we can ‘increase’ our health and create a health-centered lifestyle but this is only half true.

The world will try its very best to convince you that you have everything to gain if you adopt a healthy lifestyle but this is a grave misapprehension.

➡️Eating Healthy.
➡️Meditation / Mindfulness Practices.

These activities do not help you ‘attain’ health but rather ‘sustain’ health; meaning they ‘decrease the rate’ at which you lose your health.

⭐️By being alive – we’ve already attained the greatest gift.⭐️

This may not seem that important to you at first glance but I implore you to let this distinction set in.

And once you do, the intent of your actions will change and the ‘habits’ you’ve been trying to create [and perhaps failed to do so around ‘healthy living’] will finally stick.

I have come to meet this distinction on many cross roads in my life but it’s a distinction I hold and consider very important.


Health is not wealth.

Wealth is having people to care for, love and share with.

Health is your allowance.

Spend it well.

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